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Sonal Magnetics is one of the biggest & leading companies in the manufacturing of Magnetic Appliances, Magnetic Equipments, Rare earth Equipments and all type of Magnetic Appliances. Based in Ahmedabad the company was established as a distinctly independent corporate entity, (EST 1990), a pioneering company in the field of permanent magnetic Equipments in India. These entrepreneurs have been providing all types of Magnetic Appliances for the Industry past more than 10 yrs and have also been providing consultancy services to meet the requirements of the Indian industry in this field. Advanced infrastructure and domain expertise are leveraged for fabricating, designing and installing the best-possible solutions which cater to the desired requirement of the clients.

Our Services

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of magnetic equipments and various sorts of magnetic appliances. Our company produces high quality materials which are renowned for the optimum usage they provide.

Superior Quality

Sonal Magnetics has uncompromising approach towards quality due to which it has earned the trust of clients both in India and abroad to ensure client's requirements.

Competitive Pricing

We offer all our products at the most competitive prices without compromising on quality. So, you never break your budget when ordering our products.

Wide Distribution Network

We have our research and development department on site that is constantly engaged in carrying our surveys to understand the world markets.

Our Product

Established in 1990, we, Sonal Magnetics are a reliable Exporter and Manufacturer of Magnets & Magnetic Devices, Processing Machines & Equipment etc. Sonal Magnetics is one of Trade India's verified and trusted sellers providing satisfactory range of Magnets & Magnetic Devices at affordable prices.

Power Magnet

Fabricated in stainless steel Power magnet made from high coercivity magnetic material. A hole in the flat side facilitates its fixing in position. A handle can also be fixed in the hole for the operation. These powerful magnets are very useful in separating iron from non ferrous turning, arresting tramp iron before it goes into the machine and damages it such as cattle feed pellet making machine, removing iron impurities from slurry in ceramic industry and in many places.

Lifting Magnets

Our lifting magnets are widely used for fast, safe, efficient loading and unloading, make use of our offered magnets. Using various powerful rare earth magnets, we make these offered magnets, which are used for searching metal objects in tanks or places that are difficult to access.

Over Band Magnetic Separator

Sonal Magnetics is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of overband magnetic separators. Making use of good quality ceramic or rare earth magnets, we produce these magnets which are designed to trap and hold the tramp metal from the product carried by the conveyor. They are kind of suspended magnets that are necessary for the removal of the ferrous contaminants.

Alnico Magnets

We produce and supply alnico magnets, ferrite and rare earth, which are powerful permanent magnets. Available in various shapes like Rings, Rectangular, Rubber Sheets, Strips, NdFeB Magnets etc. they are fabricated from premium quality aluminium nickel, cobalt, copper iron. These magnets are practically free from self-demagnetization.

Magnetic Floor Sweeper

Sonal Magnetics is engaged in the manufacturing of Magnetic sweepers. Using the best quality magnets, we manufacture magnetic sweepers which are ideal engineering products that are normally used on foundries, parking lots, driveways, construction sites, loading docks, truck terminals, landfill roads, airports, stadium, shipyards, race tracts. They also clear the roads from tramp iron and sharp nails thereby protecting the tires from scratches and puncture. Our magnetic sweepers can drastically reduce tire repair and replacement costs, and eliminate costly downtime by keeping vehicles in service.

Plate Magnets

We are a leading manufacturers of plate magnets. Plate Magnets are important industrial separators that are meant for the separation of fine ferrous materials and large pieces of tramp iron, from many types of free-flowing and pneumatically conveyed material like corn, sugar, flour, gravel, plastic and others granular materials. The high surface strength of magnetic plates makes them ideally suited for sloping chute applications, removing damaged metal and ferrous contaminant.

Prong Magnets for Pipe Line Systems

Sonal Magnetics offers Prong Magnets or Prong Magnetic separators for heavy-duty large volume liquid and semi-liquid line flow systems.We offer prong magnets for liquid/slurry materials, T-trap magnetic separators. In stainless steel permanent magnet tubes the T-Trap employs a slip in cage. In magnet tubes the captured tramp metal particles migrate to the rear of the tubes where they remain protected from wash - off until the tubes are cleaned.

Grill Magnet

Grill magnets are important magnetic separators, used for separating tramp iron or ferrous contaminants from free flowing granular materials. Our grill magnet are made of rare earth magnets or ceramic magnets. The magnetic grills are aligned in certain angles that attracts the contaminants. Available in various shapes and sizes, our grill magnets have wide applicability in various industries like chemical industries, food processing industries, mining and mineral industries etc.

Inline Drum Type Magnetic Separator

Sonal Magnetics is invloved in the manufacturing of inline magnetic seperators. Our inline magnetic separators are installed in the feed lines such as at the outlet of elevator, screw conveyor etc. We manufacture inline magnetic seperators in two configurations: Flanged type Inlet and outlet connections are provided. The Magnetic Drum incorporates High Intensity strontium / Rare Earth Magnets. These are widely used for Cattle Feed Plants, Flour Mills, Rice Mill, Minerals, Refractories, Glass and many other Products.

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